22 May 2006

La vida es un tango

How does one explain the intimate and private tango experience?

On the rare occasions when compelled to explain to friends and family what tango means to me, I struggle to find the words to describe how it feels and its significance. At these times, attempts to articulate tango would be overwhelmed by a wave of emotions cancelling out coherent speech. Hence the world of tango, which has taken over my nights and days, remains a mystery to those closest and dearest.

A saying which resonates with me is the description "La vida es un tango". Everything is in the tango. It can lent itself as a mirror to see oneself with clarity if one fears not the discovery. It is the internal and external journey of life's experiences.

Above all, tango is the people of Buenos Aires, its history and culture, the past and future, who are its living and evolving legacy.

Real people, real tango. Perhaps this is the root of my fascination with the social dance floor of Buenos Aires. It matters not the age, it matters not the aesthetics and technique. Danced by people to music steeped with the purity of depth and breadth and height of their whole selves. It is beautiful, because it is real.

Tango of the people - my true inspiration and love of tango.

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