9 Nov 2007

Son Mias! (They Are Mine!)

In the present moment, Nov 2007
From time to time, I will scribble about the mishmash & knickknacks that catch my attention in Buenos Aires. Its impossible to live in a new place and not relish the interesting stuff that cross one’s path.

Fresh, exciting and often, irreverently hilarious. Just one whiff of such an intoxicating concoction, and I am hooked like a junkie.

Por favor: May the divine powers save me from ennui & mind-numbing mundanity…

Well, this week the newest commercial for Cervesa Brahma (cervesa means beer, Brahma is the brand) started showing on telly. It shows a young guy walking down the streets hand in hand with his girlfriend, while he passes by throngs of beautiful women. We hear the thoughts that run through his mind…

I did a search and found that the lyrics go roughly like this:

Sos mía, soy tuya! en casa tengo Brahmas y el kamasutra. Soy tuya, policia, colegiala, enfermera. Son mías, yo puedo con todas tranquilas… Son tuyas, tu suegra reclamo tu anillo (this line I am not sure)… Somos tuyas, te esperamos todas en la ducha… Soy viuda, heredé una fortuna y es tuya! Son mías, Japonesas, Francesas e Inglesas… Somos tuyas, sabemos lo que a vos te gusta, soy tuya, hago todo lo que a vos te gusta… Mi amor! ¿en qué pensas? en Nada!…

Here goes another attempt at translating:
(please pardon the mangled bits)

" Guy: You are mine..
Girl crossing street: I am yours! At home I have Brahmas and the Kamasutra.
Girl, quick-change artist: I am yours, policewoman schoolgirl, nurse!
Guy: They are mine, I can with all in calmness…
Café crowd chorus: They are yours, your mother-in-law claim your ring…
Girls in the gym: We are yours, we all wait for you in the shower…
Swanky mature woman: I am a widow, inherited a fortune and it is yours
Guy, about the girls on the bus: They are mine, Japanese, French and English…
Girls outside café: We are yours, we know what you like
Girl from posterboard (in my opinion prettiest girl of the lot): I am yours, I do everything that you like.
And finally, his girlfriend: My love! What are you thinking?
Guy: Nothing!… "

While the theme may not be anything exceptional, the hilarious lyrics along with the cheeky approach produced a most amusing result. For some reason, most beer commercials worldwide are brimming over with creativity and wit :P

It may be tempting to generalise that commercials say a lot about the country. However to date, having lived here for only 5 months, with limping language skills to boot, certainly does not entitle me to make any kind of observation about Buenos Aires culture worth two hoots.

...and thanks to drawing the short straw in the gene pool (a sad case of alcohol intolerance), I can’t even describe to you what Brahma beer taste like…

What I can say is this. Many young guys and girls walking down the streets of the city of Buenos Aires are attractive. It is apparent some degree of effort has gone into their appearance. Looking good is important to portenos young and old, male or female. The attractiveness quotient here is high, perhaps a lot higher than the other cities I have visited. Either that or I am susceptible to the good looks of the Italian & Spanish mix

More than this on another day perhaps!

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