5 Jul 2009

Newsflash: H1N1 in Buenos Aires

In the present moment, July 2009

Over the last few weeks, the H1N1 situation here in Argentina has taken a slight turn for the worse. As of yesterday, we registered 55 deaths in the entire country, which is perhaps the 3rd highest death rate in the world.

Statistics from the World Health Organisation (update #57, dated 3rd July 2009) for Argentine is standing much lower at 27 fatalities, likely due to the lag in reporting time.

After weeks of indecision, the Buenos Aires health authorities finally made a long awaited decision to close schools and Universities early for a 1-month break, commencing tomorrow (Monday 6 July) instead of the normal 2 weeks winter vacation.

Not so great news - face masks are out of stock, even in the hospitals!!! This has been reported in the local press, and unfortunately the less than reassuring report is indeed true. One of my pilates teachers, a student in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires, confirms the lack of face masks. Local pharmacies near my area have also ran out of them.

So perhaps this is NOT the best time to be in Buenos Aires...

SALUD A TODOS (Good Health to All) !!!

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