17 Feb 2007

Salon Canning by monteleone

" El proyecto se trata fue realizado en Marzo del 2006 en el marco del Festival de Tango de Bs. As. y con motivo del 50 Aniversario del Salón Canning. El motivo de esta obra es reflejar el clima de la Milonga en un conjunto de imágenes que perteneces, atemporalmente, a la espesura del aire que se percibe es ese espacio. Las fotografías que se exhiben de fondo, pertenecen a la muestra “Mirada de Tango”. "

This piece of artwork by Guillermo Monteleone was created in March 2006, and displayed at an art exhibition at the Salon Canning. The composition was created to mark the Festival de Tango of Buenos Aires, and specifically, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Salon Canning last year.

The massive photo mural simply titled "Milonga", measured 13 metres by 3 metres, graced the entire back wall of Salon Canning. It is composed of a montage of dancers at Salon Canning. The effect is a re-creation of the live atmosphere of the milonga, by transfixing the shining, ephemeral split second that is vibrating with the essence of that moment, forever suspended in time.

Besides the glorious hangings of tango masters Claudia Codega & Esteban Moreno lining the walls of Salon Canning, Claudia & Esteban are also featured on the dance floor on the left side of the room. Other famous tango dancers can also be found in the mural montage. How many can you find? :)

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