19 Apr 2007

Buenos Aires Tango

National Geographic Feature: Buenos Aires Tango

"Inspired by his own coverage, photographer Pablo Corral Vega filmed this short documentary with Pocho Alvarez on the allure of tango. Join him at his favorite haunts in night-loving Buenos Aires."

Video: Tango de Buenos Aires

Inspirado pela sua própria reportagem, o fotógrafo Pablo Corral Vega filmou, com Pocho Alvarez, este curto documentário sobre o fascínio do tango. Acompanhe-o aos seus locais preferidos da notívaga Buenos Aires.

Photographer Pablo Corral Vega also filmed the superb National Geographic Tango issue in December 2003, titled "And Still They TANGO". This was at a time when Buenos Aires was coping with the worst of its economical woes after the crash of the Argentine peso. Since then, life may not be exactly rosy but the portenos have sprung back with their irrepressible appeptite for living.

Tango, and keep your soul alive through thick and thin.

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