30 Jul 2007

Con Amigos

Serendipity and friendship appeared hand in hand the next day after my first milonga outing in Buenos Aires.

An email from a good friend, the vivacious and charming Loretta, came out of the blue. Loretta and her community in Hong Kong have just finished orchestrating an exhilarating round of workshops and milongas for the visit by young maestros Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Misse. This year in May, Javier & Andrea made their first stop for their Asia tour in my own community (see here), followed by the cities Hong Kong, and then Seoul. Not surprisingly, the response to Javier & Andrea was overwhelming in all 3 countries. Classes were sold-out; legions of fans in each community turned up in full force for the milongas held for Javier & Andrea’s visit.

News from Loretta filled me with delight. Loretta, together with Colin from Australia, have arrived in Buenos Aires for more dancing in the aftermath of Javier & Andrea’s workshop! I first met Loretta and Colin when they visited Singapore a couple of years ago, and we have remained friends ever since.

I couldn't believe the spot-on timing for their visit to Buenos Aires, since I didn't tell them I was coming here. It couldn't have worked more beautifully. Tango and friendship comes naturally. Being surrounded by friends in the shared enjoyment of a milonga is like having your extended family around you. A decent dance floor, great music, good dancers and good friends. What more can one ask for?

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