8 Jul 2007

Shoe-Fleur: a footwear fantasty!

Besides tango, my passions have always been elements of renaissance beauty and intellect. What I refer to is the co-existence of art, intelligence and creativity in various combinations. Such was the magnificence of the Renaissance period. It is also the source of my love of oriental art, from Song furniture to peachbloom ceramics of Kangxi era.

Witness the existence of beauty. Beauty without the additional element of intellect is still undeniably beautiful of course. Beauty inspired by the creative spark, is to imagine the statue of Venus de Milo awaken with the kiss of life. Imagine the warmth of her milky skin, the supple strength in the column of her legs, her soft breath perfuming the air as Venus speaks...!

Day to day, I hope for such moments. To become hyper animated. When it happens, I am in the gripe of excitment beyond control. Captivated in wonderment. My mind is stimulated by the concoction of chemicals rushing through the bloodstream. It comes to life in a frenzy, the neurons in my brain firing in ten thousand million tiny gun salutes. The rush of emotions and the senses. Mmm, yes.

Today, it was an article on the work of photographer Michel Tcherevkoff which delighted me: "Shoe-Fleur: a footwear fantasty".

Using flowers and leaves as raw materials, Michel Tcherevkoff fashioned them into a collection of shoes, transporting them from the relms of fantasy into book form "Shoe-Fleur".

He decided to craft each invented shoe from a single variety of flower or plant:

“I decided early on that I wouldn’t mix different types,” he says. “Every shoe and handbag [most of the shoes in the book have matching purses] would be made from one particular plant or flower.”

The delicate beauty of the shoes and whimsical delight of his creativity is entirely wondrous. The whimsicality makes the girl in me smile with great glee. While the sheer wit of his creations appeals to my intellect and femininity.

From September 6, the collection of prints from the book will be exhibited at the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

It makes me wish for a moment I had relocated to New York instead of Buenos Aires :D

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